Packaging Supplies

Box Boy offers storage boxes and packaging supplies for a variety of  reasons. First, we work with storage facilities to assist current and future customers by providing the means to keep things organized.  Secondly, customers are renting or buying storage because they simply need more space. Thirdly, customers may be moving to a new home and want to keep special personal items near to them. Finally,  customers that are storing personal and more valuable belongings may find it beneficial to have that extra protection.

Shelving & Bins

Frequently, customers find their storage lockers are difficult to organize due to small spaces. Shelving and bins provide a perfect solution.  Box Boy offers this option for superior organization and efficiency of storage.  Shelving also provides customers the option to rack and stack, utilizing vertical storage space. This way of organization not only saves you hassle when coming into the unit, but it can save you money.  Our shelving makes it possible to downsize your unit using extreme efficiency of space.

Seasonal Storage

Seasonal storage is for customers who need a place for their belongings over the Summer months.  This is perfect for college students returning to school in the Fall.

In addition, fraternities and large move outs will receive discount pricing.
Storage pickup dates can be scheduled up to and including the last week of finals. Estimates are available via email and cell phone. Customers may use this for change of season storage on a quarterly basis at a flat-rate!  This gives smaller rooms space for change of season items including athletic equipment.  

Loaded Shelving units

Our Loaded Shelves come with a mobile shelving unit filled with storage bins to make Rack n Stack storage a hassle free project. Customers rent or buy the loaded rack, fill the boxes, and place the perfectly fit bin back on the rack.

Other advantages provided by Box Boy:

  1. Labels to categorize and organize belongings.
  2. Tools and ideas to make your unit clutter free.
  3. Easy access for time optimization.
  4. Ability to store multiple customers’ belongings in one unit (Fraternities and Sororities).
  5. Additional products and services available online to accommodate your storage experience.